Costs of building a Sonos music system

Don’t get me wrong, I love the way Sonos music systems work, but what I don’t love is the price.  A Sonos S5 costs roughly £349 in the UK, which doesn’t sound much in comparison to most premium iPod docks.

It’s only when you begin to fully research the costs involved with setting up a Sonos system that it becomes very apparent that it isn’t cheap.  For starters you need a Sonos zonebridge currently retailing for between £70-90, a NAS drive of suitable capacity say another £90 minimum for 1TB.  Then you’ll need something to control the system with, you can go for the old Sonos CR100 which will cost you around £200, but realistically you’ll want the newest CR200 which is nearer £280.

Add that little lot together and you’re approaching £790, not forgetting this is only for single room audio, expensive isn’t it!

The bonus of course is that once you buy another S5 you then do have multi-room music but then for that privilege you’ve shelled out £1200.


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